Tractor Seat Sheepskin Buttpad™

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Sheepskin Tractor Seat Cover

This is a handmade product.

Dimensions: 18" Wide x 17" Long

This Sheepskin Buttpad is a universal pad for basic tractor seats. 

Keep your buttbones from burning! Our Sheepskin Buttpads will keep you cool in the summer and warm in cold weather! They are easy on - easy off, there are no moving parts, they have a universal fit, are not affected by rain, and you can use them to even wipe bugs off your windshield. This is a great addition to any farmer's tractor! 


Also, Tractor Buttpads work well as a basic car seat cover! Which is why we added the 'without straps' option. 


Sheared Buttpads are more efficient for cooling and comfort because they pocket more air. They have a more finished look and take up less space when stowed (1" fleece)

Long Hair Buttpads are long and shaggy (1.5" to 3" loft). They are thicker and may boost you up in the seat.

Natural Buttpads are available in sheared and long hair varieties. They cost more than the dyed varieties and are not always available because they are only tanned in small batches. Each pelt is unique, ranging from light cream to spots to browns and grays.