Sheepskin Rug

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Our 100% authentic sheepskin rugs! We use similar hides to create our Longhair Buttpads for motorcycles. Great for the floor by your bedside, in front of a fireplace, or as a beautiful accent on your couch or even on an office chair!

Dimensions: Approx. 24" Wide x 30-40" Long

Dimensions vary due to the difference in pelts. Hide thickness is different on each pelt. Fur texture and length will also vary. 

Natural Rugs cost more than the dyed varieties and are not always available because they are only tanned in small batches. Each pelt is unique, ranging from light cream to spots to browns and grays. If you have a color preference (light, dark, mid tone, spots, plain, etc) when ordering a natural long hair rug, please put it in the "notes" section during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you.