Available Colors

Sheepskin Buttpads® are available in two types: sheared and long hair. Some colors, like our pinks and purples, are only available in long hair variants. Our natural colorings come in both. Please note dyed Buttpads can sometimes rub off, especially when wet. If you have light colored riding pants or a light colored seat, do not get a dark color. Please consider an undyed or lighter colored Buttpad. 

Sheared Buttpads®

Sheared Buttpads are more efficient for cooling and comfort because they pocket more air. They have a more finished look (approx. 1-1.5" loft) and take up less space when stowed. 
Cream, Black, Charcoal, Natural (Colors Vary)

Long Hair Buttpads®

Long Hair Buttpads are long and shaggy (approx. 1.5" to 3" loft), and can give more comfort because of their thickness. They provide similar heating and cooling properties as the sheared. 
 Blue, Steel, Twilight, Red, Sable, Purple, Black, Hot Pink, Natural (Colors Vary) , Dusk, Navy

Natural Buttpads®

Natural Buttpads come in both sheared and long hair varieties and are not dyed. They are only tanned in smaller batches and are not always available. Each pelt is unique, ranging from light cream to spots to dark browns and grays. 
Examples of Sheared Natural Colors
Examples of Long Hair Natural colors