Buttpad FAQ

What's a Buttpad?

A Buttpad is a sheepskin motorcycle seat cover.

It provides extended comfort to help you stay in the saddle longer. A Buttpad has no synthetic padding (these are not gel pads). It is a piece of 100% natural sheepskin sheared to about 1" and contoured to fit basic seat sizes.

The design is very simple: the pad is held in place by a single strap and retained by two quick releases for easy removal. The underside is left natural (uncovered) in order to keep the cover from sliding around on the seat. The strap remains under the seat and is adjustable. This is a surface pad only, not an upholstered item, which helps keep the price down.

Which Buttpad fits my bike?

Please check our Buttpad Sizing Chart to find out!

Why sheepskin?

Sheepskin is a natural product that works like magic. It is often used in medical applications to prevent bedsores and helps keep your "buttbones" from burning. It is cool in the summer, warm in cold weather, and reduces sweating. It's easy on, easy off, there are no moving parts, it has a universal fit, and it is not affected by rain! Even more, it's affordable. 

Sheared or Long Hair? 

Sheared Buttpads are more efficient for cooling and comfort because they pocket more air. They have a more finished look (1" loft) and take up less space when stowed. Dyed Buttpads can sometimes rub off, especially when wet. If you have light colored riding pants or a light colored seat, you may want to consider an undyed or light colored Buttpad

Long Hair Buttpads are long and shaggy (1.5" to 3" loft). They are thicker and may boost you up in the seat.

Natural Buttpads come in both sheared and long hair varieties and are not dyed. They are only tanned in smaller batches and are not always available. Each pelt is unique, ranging from light cream to spots to dark browns and grays. 

Which colors are available?

Buttpads come in a variety of different colors! Check out our Available Colors page to see the complete list.

Is there gel in a Buttpad?

Buttpads do not have any gel or synthetic padding. They are made with 100% real sheepskin.

Can my Buttpad get wet?

Yes, it can. Don't worry too much about it getting wet. Don't put it on if you're heading into a torrential downpour (the reason for the quick release strap), but don't bother to stop and take it off if it rains.

If it does get soaked, remove the pad via its quick releases, shake it violently, blot with a towel, and you're good to go. You can lay it flat to continue drying. Water will not hurt the pad. Never use heat to dry it.

How do I clean my Buttpad?

It can be washed in baby shampoo, cool water, cool rinse, shake vigorously and blot dry, tumble on air, and REMEMBER, NO HEAT!

How can I make it fluffy again?

It's easy to fluff up a Buttpad with a Sheepskin Care Brush. We sell those, too!


If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide quality customer service to you!