1lb. Sheepskin Scraps

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1 lb. of 100% real sheepskin scraps for a variety of use! Each batch will be a random assortment of what we have available. If you would like a specific color or hair length in your order, please put it in the "notes" section when checking out and we will do our best to accommodate to you.

Hair length and color can and will vary with each order. Scraps come in sheared and long hair varieties. Some scraps are dyed, but rest assured they are still 100% real sheepskin.

Some colors may not be available upon request depending on what we have available. 

Colors that may be included in your order are: long hair pink, long hair purple, long hair steel, long hair dusk, long hair twilight, long hair red, long hair sable, long hair black, long hair natural, sheared black, sheared charcoal, sheared natural, and sheared cream.