Nose Strap

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If you frequently stand on your pegs, we suggest you add a nose strap to your Buttpad to keep the nose of the pad from flipping up on you. The nose strap comes standard on the X-Large, Medium Long, 2X-Large, Full Pelt With Straps, 2-Up Full Saddle, Dualsport, and Dualsport Full Saddle.

IMPORTANT: If you would like a nose strap added to your pad, you must order the nose strap when you purchase your Buttpad.
The nose straps are sewn directly to the pad itself! You must specify your bike's year, make, and model in the comments section of checkout so we can add the correct size strap to your Buttpad. Missing information may result in your order being delayed. You may receive an adjustable nose strap depending on the size of your seats nose size!

If a bike type is not specified along with the addition of a nose strap, the most common type for your Buttpad will be sent. 

**If you receive a nose strap on your Buttpad that is too long, you can fold it over to how you want it to fit and staple or zip tie it in place!**

Nose Straps cannot be added to Gel Pads. Please contact us with any questions!